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Breast Augmentation

The desire to have larger, shapelier breasts is a wish held by many women. The best way to achieve a larger, fuller breast is through breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a procedure by which a small incision is made either around the areola, under the breast, or in the axillae (armpit), and a silicone or saline implant is installed underneath the muscle of the chest wall to enlarge the size and change the shape of the breast.

After surgery, breasts will appear fuller and more shapely in contour. There is minimal scarring and the result will be a very natural looking breast.

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Breast Reduction

Big breasts can be a big problem, both physically and psychologically. Large heavy breasts dominate a woman’s appearance and can make her look top heavy and overweight. They can also cause shoulder and back pain, bad posture , skin irritation in the breast crease, grooving from the bra straps and difficulty exercising. Excessive breasts can also be a mental burden, and even make it difficult to shop for comfortable and flattering clothing.

Breast reduction can reduce and reshape large breasts. During the breast reduction procedure excess tissue, fat, and skin are removed and re-draped through incisions made horizontally and vertically along the natural contour of the breast to firm up and shape the breast. The nipple and areola attached to the underlying tissue are moved to a higher, more aesthetic location.

Breasts can still fluctuate in size after breast reduction, increasing with weight gain, birth control pills, or pregnancy. Breast reduction can impair your ability to breast feed.

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Breast Lift

Gravity, pregnancy, breast feeding, and weight gain and loss all take their toll on the female breasts’ size, shape, and feel. They sag, soften, flatten and sometimes shrink.

A breast lift can rejuvenate, firm up, and shape up older appearing breasts. It can also reduce the size of an enlarged, stretched areolae. The incisions are around the areolae and, when necessary, along the natural contours of the breast. Once the excess skin is removed, the nipple, areolae, and breast tissue are lifted up to a more youthful, natural position and the remaining skin re-draped to reshape the breast.

In some cases, when breast volume loss is significant, breast lift is combined with implant placement so the lost breast volume can be adequately restored.

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Breast Revision

Women who opt for breast augmentation (breast enlargement) with implants may not be happy with the results for a number of reasons: The implants' shape, size and/or placement may be problematic, or postsurgical complications, such as leaking, wrinkling, implant displacement, capsular contracture or symmastia, may have occurred. Although considered safe, revision surgery to correct problems with breast implants may be more complicated, cost more and take longer to recover from than the initial surgery.

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